Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We're Trying to Buy a House

My husband and I are trying to buy a house. Not one house in particular, but a house in general.

We've found about four homes in the past six months that we're willing to purchase--under the right conditions. Those conditions being: selling price and financing and... well, mostly financing. Needless to say, nothing has come together quite yet. Either the price is always out of our range or there are financing restrictions due to the renovation costs, etc.

I know we're not the only potential homeowners who are having a hard time actually purchasing a home. And with the deadline for the government's glorious "first-time homeowners" incentive looming so near over us, we're quickly losing steam (and losing hope).

The homes we've seen and loved have all met one of two qualifications:

1. A single-family home that is downtown ("downtown" loosely referring here to the valley between the hills that surround the central business district of our city--as opposed to "Uptown"), large enough for us to have another child or two (or three) before we need to consider up-sizing, some sort of parking (even if just one off-street or nearby space for my husband's work vehicle), and a historic home (as opposed to the new, builders' grade Drees homes in the West End) with minimal crappy renovations done by the previous owners.

2. A multi-family building or a historic single-family home on a large property that we can use to further our crazy shared vision for a nonprofit organization and housing co-op. We would prefer this to be as near downtown as possible (we had a potential property in the West End), though I've told my husband I would be willing to sacrifice being downtown for either a walkable business district or a large city park.

So, who wants to sell us their house?
You've got twenty-three days and counting.