Sunday, June 3, 2012

Go Play Outside: the 45202 Family Hiking Club

The 45202 Family Hiking Club: Out to prove that you don't need to leave the city to GET OUTSIDE.

Last month, I initiated a hiking club for families (and friends) in and near downtown. We'll be hiking together once a month, year-round (yes, four seasons), and the goal is to stay within the city limits or in urban Northern Kentucky. Every month, a different family will choose the location and lead the hike, to help the rest of us familiarize ourselves with places we may have never been before.

In May, for our first meetup, I led us on a hike through the trails at Imago in Price Hill.
This month, we'll be meeting at Fernbank Park out west on River Rd.

If you are a family committed to both urban living and to providing your children with experiences in nature, even if you can't make it every month, you are welcome to join us. As of now, the event details are being communicated via Facebook, and the group is invite-only so there is some level of confidentiality about locations, times, and such.

Let me know if you'd like to be included!