Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things to Love, Take Two

Four quick things I'm crazy about these days:

Studio 1a.m Measure Me Stick-

I saw these featured on a blog a few months ago, though I can't remember which one. I am a fan of the old-school marks on the wall to measure a child's growth, but I understand that not every parent wants to make marks on their walls. (Heck, my dad would have never done it.) For parents like that (or for folks who want a growth chart they can take with them when they move), this is a great option. And, unlike most growth charts, it isn't painted to look like a cartoon frog or tree or anything like that. Classic. I like that.

Little Sapling Toys-

This Etsy store is full of great wooden toys--from teething rings like the Ohio state one pictured here to toy cars, peg boards, and rocking horses. Aren't they adorable? The store is family-owned and they claim to plant a tree for every toy sold. Even their photos are beautiful!

The Building Blog is a collection of "Architectural Conjecture, Urban Speculation, and Landscape Futures." The writer, a gentleman named Geoff Manaugh, collects stories, articles, and photos from across the world. I can't figure out exactly what he's most interested in writing about, but I love it all. Some posts are building and architecture-related; some are more anthropological or sociological. I found the blog linked from another that I frequent. The story was about The Duplicative Forest in Oregon and you can read it here.

Okay. So, ignore the language. Ignore the pretentious fashion culture. And ignore, for a moment, the fact that the clothing on some of these kids means that their parents have either too much money or too much time on their hands (or both). Just pay attention to how awesome these kids look. Seriously. I was the least-cool kid in the world before I entered middle school. And, even then, I was a weird, eccentric thrift-store junky with no concept of color or texture. (And I'll openly admit that it's easier to dress my son than it is to dress myself most days.) Unlike me as a child, the kids featured on this blog/site are super hip and super cute.


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